Nu in Galerie de Witte Ezel - Ewa Nagorzanska
Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij

Nu in Galerie de Witte Ezel - Ewa Nagorzanska

woensdag 1 november 2023

Galerie de Witte Ezel in onze foyer toont doorlopend beeldend werk van cursisten en medewerkers van Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij. Sta gerust even stil om te bekijken wat onze professionals en liefhebbers gemaakt hebben. 

What a Wonderful World

Tot en met 17 december 2023 is de expositie What a Wonderful World te zien met werk van fotograaf Ewa Nagorzanska. Ewa zoekt het grote in het kleine: een mini-steentje wordt in haar foto de wereldbol. De nerven van een bloempje doen denken aan het stroomgebied van grote rivieren of het aderstelsel in ons lichaam. Het is een wondere wereld... vandaar de titel van de tentoonstelling.

Ewa Nagorzanska

Born and raised in Poland, she left the country after finishing her studies at Cracow University. Ewa lived in Russia for a short time, spent 4 years in China, moved to England and finally to the Netherlands where she currently resides. It was in China where she bought her first camera. She continued self-learning photography in the UK.

Ewa attended a Photographic Design course in Rotterdam, in this period she decided on autonomous photography, it’s the subjectivity of the creative process that adds fuel to her passion. Her work reflects her perspective on the world as well as her personal experiences: what surrounds us, how we feel. The extraordinary of every day. Ewa is fascinated by people as such, and above all the driving forces behind their decisions.

She had 3 photographic exhibitions, received a special mention in Cracow Art Schools competition for her photographic collage “Aokigahara”. Ewa took part in various artistic projects relating to humanity and its current condition.  Photography, meaning “painting with light" encourages her to abandon the camera occasionally and search for new ways to create her light images.

Lees hier meer over Galerie de Witte Ezel.

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