Blind Justice + Hunter (BE)

Blind Justice + Hunter (BE)

zaterdag 20 november 2021

Deze avond komen Hunter (België) en Blind Justice (Gouda) een avondje knallen in StudioGonz!

*** Blind Justice ***
[Metal Fueled Rock]

What you Hear is What you Get! No bullshit, just in-your-face Metal Fueled Rock engraving itself into your brain.

*** Hunter - Heavy Metal Band - Belgium ***
[Heavy Metal]

Hunter is a heavy metal band from Belgium. Five musicians that have known each other for 20 years and that have played in various bands together, finally joined forces in 2016 to create heavy metal in the traditional sense of the word. Hunter represents powerful heavy metal, averse to subgenres and stereotypes.

A combined century of experience and all sorts of influences come together as a mighty brew that tastes like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manilla Road, Metal Church, Omen and Cirith Ungol.

Hunter brings you a blitzkrieg of the purest metal with all the right ingredients: crushing riffs, screaming lead guitars and sharp solos, a rhythm section like a panzer column and intense power vocals.

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